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Golf Courses

GeoOptic provides full service aerial surveying and GIS data solutions to help you make sense of your site. We use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) to achieve superior quality, real-time information in a fraction of the time compared to other surveying methods with minimal disruption to golfers. Unlike automated image processing options, GeoOptic provides you with control of your data and offers custom solutions for your needs, allowing you to make important site decisions with confidence.

Our GIS solutions are structured towards a wide range of applications relating to golf course management. The survey-grade photogrammetry that GeoOptic provides can be used to generate precise topographic data suitable for innovative course management, in addition to high resolution aerial photography and videography for promotional materials.

Our services include:

  • High-resolution (<5cm resolution) aerial site imagery that can even be loaded to Google Earth for full site imagery
  • Topographic elevation mapping (contour line, point cloud, raster)
  • Base mapping (digitization of greens, fairways, tees, bunkers, paths, buildings) for site planning or GPS sprayer integration
  • Ultra high-resolution green complex mapping (3,000+ points per square metre)
  • Custom pinable area mapping and slope mapping (for pinable area classification) to help your members understand the relationship between speed and usable area
  • Drainage modelling
  • 3D models and video for planning and public relations
  • Aerial high-resolution aerial photography and videography to help owners and operators create visually attractive promotional material, giving a bird’s eye view of the course, site features and individual holes.

As the industry changes and develops, we are continually evaluating how to best meet your needs. We are excited to offer new services in 2018 including:

  • Live Thermal Mapping
    • See your green temperatures (a great indicator of moisture) live, from above to allow you to make real-time decisions
  • Near Infrared Mapping
    • Use the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to estimate vegetation health of green, tees and fairways